Lyndon is a stand-out recruiting professional—the consummate connector of people in the legal profession. He brings unparalleled experience and knowledge of the legal marketplace to find and create solutions equally favorable to management and candidates. You can trust Lyndon with your career and your business.


– ​Robert C. Little, Certified Appellate Specialist, Shareholder at Buchalter

Lyndon is a stand-up man with ethics and credibility. His vast knowledge of L.A. based firms and the economics of firms make him invaluable to both law firms and partners. He knows how to get you the right person for the niche you are trying to fill.


– ​Eva Plaza, Esq Of Counsel Meyers, Nave

Having worked with Lyndon for many years I find him to be extremely courteous, professional and vigilant. He is enthusiastic about his candidates and is always willing to go the extra mile to create introductions, set up interviews and to provide due diligence about candidates. Lyndon is the standard that all recruiters should try and achieve. I look forward to working with him for many more years to come.


– Richard Ormond, Esq. Shareholder, Buchalter, Nemer

Lyndon is at the top of his game, and has a deep understanding of the local and national legal markets. Sound judgment, client service, integrity and the strong desire to help candidates find the right fit and to assist law firms to locate top shelf candidates are among Lyndon’s strengths. I recommend him without reservation.


– Anthony Pacheco, Esq., Chairman, Corporate Defense & Investigations Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP, JMBM

I have known Lyndon for years. Lyndon is professional, personable, and ethical. Lyndon is a great listener and takes the time to fully understand our hiring needs. Consequently, Lyndon’s candidates are typically at the top of our candidate list.


– Michael Wippler, Esq./Managing Partner, Dykema, Gossett Los Angeles Office

I’ve known Lyndon for more than a decade, both as a source of good lateral candidates and, ultimately, as a source of a good new firm for my practice. I value his professionalism and breadth of knowledge in the legal community.


– Randolf W. Katz. Esq., Partner, Baker Hostetler

Lyndon is extremely knowledgeable about the legal market, has great relationships with firms, and works very hard to ensure that he finds the right fit for his clients. When I was looking to make a change, Lyndon listened to my goals and the qualities I was looking for in a firm, and he was able to identify firms that met my criteria and arrange interviews for me at those firms. I highly recommend that any attorney looking to make a change contact Lyndon.


– Aaron Bloom, Member, TroyGould PC

A top recruiter who possesses an intimate knowledge of the Los Angeles area legal community. Lyndon is bright, articulate, and a consummate community volunteer who seeks the best in LA. He’s been a valued colleague, and was a trusted advisor to me for many years, with noteworthy service when I was President of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. I value his skills and friendship greatly.


– Charles E. Michaels, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, LAACO, Ltd.

Lyndon is the 360-degree advisor. His mastery of the attorney-placement process just begins to tell the story of the benefits he provides. He also brings deep psychological insights and personal empathy to bear on behalf of the candidates he serves, at delicate junctures in their lives and careers. And, his long experience as a law firm manager helps to insure that law firms receive only the candidates who are the best fit for them, both as lawyers and more broadly as colleagues. Our legal community is better and stronger because Lyndon Parker is one of its leaders.


– Jeff Kichaven, Principal Mediator, Jeff Kichaven Commercial Mediation